Course Overview

Multiple sclerosis (MS) can’t be considered a “White people only” disease:

Neurologists and other providers who see people living with MS need to understand that the MS experience is different for Black individuals. Black individuals with MS face a more aggressive disease course and greater disability than White individuals.

Watch our webinar to hear from Black individuals living with MS and learn from their experiences so you can provide timely and effective care. Credit available: 1.0 of AMA, ANCC, or AAPA

Jacqueline Rosenthal
Jacqueline Rosenthal, MD

Andrew C. Carlos MS Institute
Shepherd Center

Diana Andino
Diana Andino, MD

Instructor of Medicine, Department of Neurology
The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

Annette Okai
Annette Okai, MD, FAAN

Director of Neuroimmunology & Multiple Sclerosis Research North Texas Institute of Neurology and Headache