The Urgent and Convenient Care Associations have partnered with DKBmed to offer you this educational activity. Today's landscape of healthcare delivery reveals a shift towards on-demand care, as many individuals don't have a regular source of health care. Unfortunately, people who don't have a regular source of health care may miss out on routine screenings and preventive health interventions. HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is our primary tool against HIV, but it remains underutilized among those most susceptible to HIV.  

This dynamic infographic empowers clinicians to stand on the frontlines of prevention.  Start the activity to learn how PrEP can prevent HIV, safeguard the health of our communities, and create a healthier, more equitable future. 

  • Screening Unveiled: Understand the rationale for universal HIV screening and when repeated screening makes sense empowering you to identify risks and intervene effectively.
  • Transmission Decoded: Delve into the various modes of HIV transmission, equipping you to educate patients on protective measures.
  • PrEP's Vital Role: Grasp the power of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as a highly effective (99%) tool in the fight against HIV.
  • Breaking Barriers: Learn to navigate challenges such as disparities in access, stigma, and fostering open conversations about sexual health and PrEP.
Agustina Boehringer
Agustina Boehringer, DMSc, PA-C

Chief Medical Officer
Heart to Heart International
Lenexa, KS