Myth: PrEP is only for gay men

HIV can infect anyone, gay or straight. PrEP may help you if you don't have HIV and have exposure to HIV. Talk to your doctor about PrEP if you:

Myth: PrEP is very expensive

PrEP is now affordable and accessible. Insurance companies are required to cover the cost of PrEP. There are also programs to help you pay for PrEP, even if you have medical insurance.

Myth: PrEP is not safe to use

PrEP is very safe. Most people have no side effects when using PrEP. Some people have mild side effects (like nausea and dizziness) that go away in a few weeks.

Myth: Taking PrEP right before having sex will work

No, PrEP takes around 20 days before it works well. It is best to take PrEP every day. But, if you miss a dose, just start again the next day.

Myth: HIV is no longer an issue

False, there are about 38,000 new cases of HIV each year. Black people are eight times more likely than White people to be diagnosed. Hispanic/Latinx people are four times more likely. PrEP is 99% effective in preventing HIV when used properly.