Course Overview

49% of people living with HIV are over age 50, with one-third of people living with HIV older than 55.

The aging LGBTQ population requires special consideration. In addition to the “normal” stresses of aging, such as social isolation, older LGBTQ people face the dual threat of ageism and stigma. As clinicians, we need to understand this population in order to better treat them. Watch the on-demand CME/CEU video to learn how we can STOP (Screen, Treat, Overcome, Prevent) HIV.

Maile Young Karris
Maile Young Karris, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
University of California San Diego
San Diego, CA

Patrick Kenney
Patrick Kenney, DO

Infectious Disease Specialist
Cleveland Clinic Florida
Weston, FL

Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor

Executive Director
HIV + Aging Research Project - Palm Springs (HARP-PS)
Palm Springs, CA