Course Overview

New HIV diagnosis rates are 8x higher for Black individuals than White individuals.

Black people are disproportionately impacted by HIV and aren’t being prescribed PrEP. What are the barriers to equity and how can we overcome them? In this on-demand video webinar, Oni Blackstock, MD and Justin Alves, RN, ACRN, CARN discuss the health outcome disparities in the Black community and how we can address them. Learn to:

  • Restore trust and improve access to health care in the Black community.
  • Handle difficult conversations about sexual health.
  • Improve patient access and affordability for medications.

PROBLEM: There remains stigma about HIV in the Black community, especially among men.

SOLUTION: Barbers in the Black community interact frequently on a personal level with their clients. We’re educating barbers through a workshop at Barbercon NYC on how to have conversations about sexual health with their clients. We’re looking for HIV testing clinics in NYC to be part of a trusted referral network for these barbershop clients. Join our HIV testing referral network to be part of the solution. Register for the webinar to learn more.
Oni Blackstock
Oni Blackstock, MD

Founder and Executive Director
Health Justice